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Join Us: Groups

Sunday School

Small Group Studies at 9:30am Available Classes:

Senior Adult

Young Adult

Adult Men & Women

5th to Youth

Kids (Pre-K to K, 1-4th)

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Join Us: Social
Pink Marble


We are live streaming our services on Youtube.

Please join us every Sunday for our Morning and Evening Services.

Giving Options

Join Us: Giving Options

In Person

During Worship services, the offering plates will be passed.

This is a good option if you have checks or cash.


By clicking the link below you'll be directed to our Online giving site.

It allows you to create an account with all your info saved for convenance.

It's safe and simple!


Send a text to 52014

with the message @muldrow(space)(amount).

Example: @muldrow 15

The first time you will get an auto reply for you to fill out a form. Every time after that, you can just text your gift in one easy step!


Join Us: Location
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